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  • 3-month membership (12 total visits)

  • Private, in-depth video consultation with Dr. Audra Lance

  • Fully customized treatment plan and pairing with the doctor best who best fits your case

  • Option of in-person or virtual treatments

  • Weekly review of your progress by Dr. Audra and team of doctors

  • VIP access to prime appointment slots

  • Automatically added to Dr. Lance's VIP Waitlist


  • You feel like you have tried EVERYTHING. You have been to all the doctors, tried all the stretches and exercises, and nothing has worked. 

  • You've been waiting and wanting to get treated by Dr. Audra Lance and have not been able to. (This is your chance to have her on your treatment team!)

  • You're in pain, and you don't want to waste your time or money on things that don't work. You want a proven plan of action.

  • You've tried other methods in the past that worked for a while but didn't last. You're tired of this cycle and want the pain gone for good.

  • Your chronic injury or pain has you feeling twenty years OLDER than you are. You're sick of it and are willing to do whatever it takes to feel like YOU again. 


  • You're NOT ready to commit to yourself and put in the work to feel better

  • You're content with living with your injury or pain as it is for the rest of your life

  • You're more interested in finding cheaper healthcare than a long-term solution from top experts

  • You're not open and willing to trust Dr. Audra Lance's extensive experience and proven techniques


$2,222.00/month​ for 3 months*

($3,000 in savings!)

*Your credit card will be charged each month.


Click the red button above or below and it will take you to the Jane App where you will book your initial virtual appointment with Dr. Lance. There, you'll receive more instructions including intake forms that are necessary for treatment so you can get STARTED!


"Dr. Audra you saved my career! I wouldn't be in the league if it wasn't for you."

-NFL athlete

"Audra-you and your office have changed my life. It is as simple as that."

-Spine + Sport patient

"Thank you for helping me. You don't only help me physically, but mentally too."

-Grammy award winning artist

"The only thing I changed this year when I won the trophy was seeing you.

With managing injuries and performance care I won.  I actually feel better than I did at 22 on the ice."

-NHL athlete

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