Dr. Audra Lance 



Allowing people to be their best selves is not just an element of Dr. Audra Lance’s career - it is her ultimate passion. A passion which started in her undergraduate days at Ohio State, continued through her doctorate studies at National University of Health Sciences, and persists today through her dedication to innovation and learning. Recognized as one of the top practitioners in her field, Dr.Lance’s mission is to help you function at a capacity that will allow you to feel great and - most importantly - enjoy life.


Her results-oriented approach focuses on treating the root cause of pain and injury, rather than simply the symptoms. This approach has allowed her to establish a patient group including former Cy Young Award winners, current MLB all stars, current NHL all stars and NFL probowlers, as well as an annual invitation to work with Team USA. The trust and referrals from these top athletes are a testament to Dr. Lance’s skills and knowledge.


Dr Lance brings this same passion to all patients. Whether you are an athlete, musician, expecting mother dealing with pregnancy issues, a marathon runner trying to set a PR, or simply suffer from chronic pain, headaches or injuries, Dr. Lance’s high-quality and personalized care treats a diverse range of conditions to help patients perform and live at their best. It is for this reason that athletes and non-athletes alike travel from all over the country to seek out her expertise. Some of her certifications include dry needling, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, McKenzie Technique, Active Release Techniques, FAKTR, Rocktape, and Webster.

Dr. Brandon Reed 



Midwestern native Dr. Brandon Reed’s journey to chiropractic care began in undergrad where he attended Kansas State University and earned dual degrees in Kinesiology and Nutrition. Fueled by his desire to heal the world, he decided to use his passion for health and fitness to help people move and feel better through manual therapy and exercise.


Dr. Reed earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Cleveland University in Kansas City, where he was the collegiate president of Motion Palpation Institute (MPI), was actively involved in extracurricular clubs, and completed more than 500 hours of continuing education seminars across the nation.

He continues to pursue his passion for knowledge, innovation, and elite care by speaking at local events, attending seminars across the United States, and leading workouts and warm-ups for athletes in the area.


Dr. Reed is committed to helping restore patients to a level of health and fitness that allows them to do what they truly love—whether that is lifting their grandkids or a crushing a 600-pound deadlift. His treatment toolbox includes techniques such as dry needling, Active Release Technique™ (ART), soft-tissue scraping, cupping, kinesiology taping, Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), joint manipulation/adjustments and rehabilitative exercise. 


When he’s not in the office, you can find Dr. Reed enjoying the great outdoors, exploring new restaurants and coffee shops, or lifting weights.

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